The application for the Cohort 1 for Green Innovation Fund is OPEN Now and the last date for the Application is December 2nd. GIF is a Fund linked accelerator program with Grant up to 7 Lakhs and intensive mentoring for 6 months!

The eligibility criteria of a startup are as follows :

–  should have a Technology-based product ( Technology could be anything as fancy & high end like AI/ML/Data Analytics to low-end like Traditional mechanical tools/analog etc )

– product should be beyond idea stage. They should have a prototype with initial customer validation

– should be able to develop a prototype with use-case specific to the region/project area in 6 months and shall do a trial implementation in the region (The problem statements are listed in the GIF Website)

– should be able to identify a large market opportunity, where the developed use case could be scaled up for significant impact

– should be equally driven by Business aspirations and societal impact aspiration

The startup founding team should demonstrate that they have the technical skill, business skill, passion for social impact, and growth mindset.

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